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Primary Care Physicians:
Use this link to search for a Primary Care Physician in your area.

Use this link to search for a Specialist Physician in your area.

[ Click Here For Printable Version of Specialist Roster ]

These rosters have been prepared as a guide and are subject to change; providers are added and deleted from time to time, and may also close their practices to new patients. Members may contact the Customer Services Department at (559) 228-5410 for additional information.

A few providers do not participate in some HMO's contracted with Santé. For current roster information, please call:

CIGNA (800-722-8166)
Great West (800-663-8081)
ChampusHMO (800-977-1255)
Blue Shield CA (800-424-6521)
Blue Cross CA (800-933-6633)
Health Net (800-237-7822)
PacifiCare (800-624-8800)
Secure Horizons (800-228-2144)
Humana (800-457-4708)
Aetna (800-624-0756)


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