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What to Consider when choosing a plan:

  • Is my doctor on this health plan's "physician panel"?

  • Is the hospital my doctor chooses to practice in on this health plan?

  • What benefits do I need?

  • Does this plan cover those benefits?

  • Do I have any prescriptions I am currently on? Are these prescriptions on the plan's "formulary"?

  • Does the plan offer access to Wellness Classes?

  • Most Importantly - Can I see my SCP physician if I choose this plan?

Here are some terms you may need to know when choosing a plan:

  • HMO - Health Maintenance Organization - Although the media has portrayed HMOs in a very negative light, the right HMO plan can offer you better access to "health maintaining" practices, rather than just care for illness. Check out our "Myths and Managed Care" section. Ask your SCP provider to recommend a plan , or check out our listing of health plan.

HMO care will cost you almost nothing as long as you access a select panel of physicians and ancillary care facilities.

Generally, your HMO will require you to pay a "co-pay" when you visit our offices, please remember to bring your co-pay when you visit our office.

  • PPO - Preferred Provider Organization - Your PPO will generally require a co-pay, as well as your HMO. Often PPO plans will offer a wider panel of providers than your HMO but will limit the amount of health maintenance programs covered by your plan

  • POS - Point of Service Plan - An HMO, which gives you the opportunity to choose a physician outside your HMO panel at additional cost to you. These plans offer more choice, but generally cost you more money. Studies show that 98% of POS users use the HMO panel anyway, you might want to consider saving your money.

  • Indemnity Insurance - Insurance "the way it used to be". With this insurance, your health plan will pay a percentage of your visit and you will pay the uncovered costs. This type of plan will cost you more if you access care, but will give you more choice in physicians and services.



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