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Our Success Story


This year marks the 25th year in service to the community. We deeply understand that we would not be successful in enhancing the quality of life of our patients without our incredible team. We have created a work culture that is comprised of talented, motivated, dedicated, innovative and service driven professionals.


Over the past 25 years, Santé has proven to be a sought after organization known for its professionalism and physician advocacy with highly educated providers and leaders. We have an incredibly strong relationship with our health Plans and more than 120,000 of your friends, neighbors and family members have already selected Santé as their healthcare provider and choice throughout Fresno, Madera and Kings Counties.

Our vision is to continue to improve the quality of care and the accessibility of health services available to our local community. 


We are excited about what’s to come and the strong partnerships that are being built. We look forward to the next 25...

Santé Health System Net Promoter Score


Santé NPS Score

Excellent (70 - 100)

Great (30 - 70)

Needs Improvment  (-100 - 0)


Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the loyalty of customers to a company. A widely adopted metric, NPS scores are measured with a single question survey and reported with a number from -100 to +100. We are extremely proud to share that our recently reported NPS scores from our physician partners achieved an excellent rating of 75. Sustaining strong partnerships with our physicians remains our top priority.

“Santé staff provides great customer service to me, and they have excellent communication skills and knowledge.”

“Santé has been exceptional in managing my practice for nearly 20 years. They are always responsive and comprehensive in addressing any issues or questions that arise.” 

“Allows me to be the physician
and accommodates the
business needs of this

Our Timeline


Central Valley Physician Partners closes its MSO and joins California Health Partners to form Santé Community Physicians (IPA) 

Santé Health System was established to manage the newly formed IPA, Santé Community Physicians  

Santé implements “single managed care contracting” for both the hospitals and the IPA to represent both parties equally and bring growth and stability. 


Within one year of its formation, Santé Health System represents 850 doctors and 90,000 patients with 232 employees 

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Local Physicians launch Community Medical Providers (logo) with 45 providers that were members of SCP 

CommunityMedicalProviders_LogoCMYK Carin

Santé begins practice management services; Community Medical Providers added as the first practice management client. 


Advantek Benefit Administrators, a third party administrator for self-funded clients was formed. 

Santé acquires contract with Pacificare and 61,000 members 

Community Hospitalists Medical Group was developed


Santé Health Foundation was created 

University Neurosciences Institute joins Santé 

UNI copy.png


Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Associates joins Santé 

UroGynecology Specialty Center joins Santé 

Valley Surgical Specialists joins Santé

Community Neurology & Pulmonary Medical Group joins Santé

Central Valley OB/GYN Medial Group joins Santé

Central Valley Women’s Health Associates joins Santé 

Clovis Pediatric Group joins Santé


Peters and Kroeker joins Santé  

Fresno Physiatry Associates joins Santé  

Oncology Associates of Fresno joins Santé  

WCC Logo_SANTE.png

Fresno Gastroenterology – Chestnut join Santé


Neurosurgical Associates Medical Group joins Santé  


Digestive Disease Consultants joins Santé  

DDC copy.png

Santé Health Foundation raises over $350,000 for recruiting needed subspecialty pediatric physicians to provide patients and families greater access to pediatric specialty services 

Women’s Specialty & Fertility Center joins Santé 



Lura J. Reddington, MD, Inc. joins Santé


Santé Care Center joins Santé  

Updated SanteCareCenter_MASTER_Logo colo

Valley Foot and Ankle Specialty Providers joins Santé  


Oncology Care Providers joins Santé 


Fresno Women’s Medical Group joins Santé  


Santé Health Foundation raises over $350,000 benefiting the new Regional Cancer Treatment and Research Center to be built on the Clovis Community Campus 


Women’s Specialty Center joins Santé  


Community Regional Anesthesia Medical Group/ Community Anesthesia Providers joins Santé 

CRAMG copy.png

Santé Health Foundation raises over $200,000 benefiting heart disease 

Simonian Sports Medicine Clinic joins Santé 



Central California Heart & Lung joins Santé  

California Urology joins Santé

Valley Critical Care joins Santé  

Central Valley Colon & Rectal Surgical Associates joins Santé  

The Heart Group joins Santé  

Advanced Gastroenterology and Hepatology Associates joins Santé  

Santé Health Foundation raises over $320,000 benefiting Child & Adolescent Mental Health 


Community Foundation Medical Group changes name to Santé Foundation Medical Group 

SFMG Logo.png

Hongshik Han, M.D., Inc. joins Santé 

Santé Health Foundation TV Network launches in Primary Care Offices 


Santé Health System changes look of branding with a new color scheme

Santé Community Physicians changes name to Santé Physicians with a new look 

Haven Medical Group joins Santé  

Sierra Pacific Orthopedics joins Santé  


Valley Podiatric Wound Care joins Santé  

Today, Santé employs over 980 employees, has a Medical Foundation made up of over 45 Medical Groups which consist of 539 providers, 63 locations and 30+ different Board Specialties, an IPA that has more than 1500 providers and serves more than 120,000 members in the Valley (Fresno, Madera and Kings Counties)